United Nations human rights mechanisms in condemning US crimes

Dr. Haqqani, as a lawyer, said at the first American Human Rights Special Summit: Evidence suggests that the issue of human rights has become a tool in the hands of the domineering system.

He said that after the Americans attacked Iraq, there were debates like terrorists and nuclear energy and human rights, and it was an excuse that targeted the Third World countries.

The lawyer said: In the documents of the domineering system that they came to the conclusion that we were wrong to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, we raised the issue of nuclear energy before human rights, and if we were raising the pretext for human rights, And we had a shorter term for the overthrow of the Iranian regime.

He referred to the counter-revolutionary act that followed the signing of the deal, adding that he had issued a decree to go to Iran on the issue of human rights in the coming days.

Haqqani, stating that the enemy has been seen in the field of soft sleep wars in the human rights circle, explained: “The head of state in November 2011 has sentences about the United States which states that the system is full in all fields, God has given us the role of the United States in guiding the terrorists and terrorists in Iran and the region, which we will bring to the world through the presentation of these hundreds of honors of the United States and human rights claimants and fight against terrorists.

He insisted: I wish all the institutions, including the seminary, would come to report that, in order to comply with this statement and the decree of Hazrat Agha, they reported that they had done a total of one hundred US offensives and that we needed a special monitoring We have to censure this crime in Iran and the region by the United States and the system of domination.


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