The pursuit of human rights abuses by the United States is a strategic issue

Hojatoleslam Islam and Sayyid Good Hosseini Koohsari said on Monday at a special conference on “Human Rights of the Americans in the Viewpoint of the Supreme Leader” at the Center for the Management of the Seminary with reference to the characteristics of the Supreme Leader: “They have a deep and strategic analysis, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution believes that We are in a historical page, that is, the path of civilization of humanity is changing.

He continued: In contemporary history, we saw the departure of religion from isolation, the change in the power events in the international arena, the formation of political poles, the transition from the unipolar world, and the formation of Islamic awakening waves in the Islamic world.The responsibility of the Center for Communication and International Affairs of the Islamic Seminary has added: the weight and authority of the civilization of the Islamic world is increasing and the strength of rival civilizations is declining; in the face of civilization, our most important competitor, Western civilization is especially American civilization, Western civilization, enemy of Islamic civilization

Hosseini Koohsari, referring to the decline of Western civilization, stated: “The signs of the decline and decline of this civilization have become evident. Western civilization is a challenge in political, military, moral, social, cognitive and intellectual domains.

He continued: In 1973, four Arab countries with the support of the Islamic world entered the war with the Zionist regime, the result of this war was the occupation of parts of the four Arab countries by the Zionists, but today the Zionist regime, which was once a sentence from Nile to the Euphrates, was forced to Putting concrete walls around in order to protect the attacks of the Palestinian resistance forces.

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