The necessity of supplying the intellectual products of the seminary

Ayatollah Mohsen Araky Monday evening at the first American Human Rights Summit in the view of the Supreme Leader at the Qom Seminary Management Center, pointing out the importance of recognizing the human rights of the Americans, said: “The human rights of Americans are a modern and advanced example of secular human rights. Of course, there are some very serious challenges.

“The most important challenge of American human rights in the theory field is its inability to provide a basis, argument, and rigorous reasoning,” he said, stating that human rights are seriously challenging in three areas.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Approximation Assembly, emphasizing the importance of recognizing this type of human rights, said: I believe that these issues in the theological sciences should be examined and addressed.

Islamic human rights are based on an arguable principle

He continued by saying that all the definitions of American and secular human rights are contractual and conditional: We believe that Islamic human rights are based on an arguable principle, while American human rights are, in theory, a major and fundamental problem. And insoluble.

Ayatollah Araky said: “Our belief is that human rights are rooted in obedience to God and return to divine obedience.”

Referring to Islamic intellectual categories, he pointed out: “One of the greatest categories of thought that exists in Islamic culture is that God Almighty is never questionable, but always questionable.

The secretary general of the Islamic-Islamic Approximation Assembly, arguing that the other challenge is secular human rights in terms of vocabulary, states: “In secular human rights, there is a correct definition of vocabulary, which means that in this definition there are fixed meanings and intents for oppression and the right to exist And for this reason, the secular system and human rights can not properly be interpreted as oppression and justice, and in treaties that we have with secular systems, we must pay attention to this important issue.

She continued, “The challenge of behavior is another challenge to which secular human rights are faced, which, of course, is a serious challenge to American and European human rights.”

Ayatollah Arak, referring to the current conditions of the seminary, said that before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, there was no specific order in the theological sciences, but now, thanks to the revolution, the constituencies have evolved greatly in terms of mechanism and system.

Scientific and intellectual productions are isolated seminary areas

A member of the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership, referring to the intellectual products of the seminary, pointed out: “There are many scholars and scholars in the seminary, and the intellectual and scientific production of these scholars is one of the best and most rarest scientific productions in the world, but unfortunately these products are confined and isolated.

He concluded: “The activities and activities of the seminaries have been very good in various fields of science, but unfortunately, these activities and sciences are not provided at home and abroad, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed.

The first American Human Rights Special Meeting from the perspective of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s Rights Organization, with the participation of the Office of Preservation of the Works of the Grand Ayatullah Khamenei and the Center for the Management of the Seminary in the Holy City of Qom, the center of the Center The Ayatullah Hall Seminary was held.

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