The mission of the international institutions of the region and the system in pursuing the violation of the human rights of the United States

Mohsen Pak Aein, at the end of the first meeting of the first human rights special session of the United States, in the view of the Supreme Leader, of the hard work of the Organization for the Advancement of Human Rights of the Organization for the Advancement of Human Rights, and Amin Ansari, its secretary general, as well as the management of the Qom Seminary and other

He stated that on July 6, 2009, the Supreme Leader raised the issue of the American human rights debate and, after three years, again pointed out that we must now look at what we have done in this direction in these three years.

The deputy director of the Islamic Revolutionary Cultural Research Institute of the Office of the Preservation and Publication of the Works of the Grand Ayatullah Khamenei (Al-Azhali) added: “Though steps have been taken, it is not really enough and all the institutions and institutions of the intellectual and civil society must come to the fore.

He said that at three levels we can follow this up, saying that national and international level is the case. For example, in Iraq, Iraqi judges can complain about American crimes in Abu Ghraib, and internationally It can be raised in the Criminal Court.

“If a country violates human rights, any third country can take action against it, so according to this principle, our judiciary can claim to be against the United States for Guantanamo and many other issues,” he said.

Lawyers have to be active and pursue this issue, and the diplomatic apparatus of the country must convince the United Nations to carry out its duties, he continued.

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