The human rights of Americans are a means to fulfill the evil goals of the superpowers.

The Superintendent of the Khorasan Seminary said: “The supernatural superpowers use American human rights to attain their sinister goals and interests.

Ayatollah Seyyed Mesbah Amoli at the second specialized conference on “Human Rights of the Americans in the Viewpoint of the Supreme Leader”, sponsored by the Human Rights Youth Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in collaboration with the Political Bureau of the Seminary and the Office for the Preservation and Publication of the Works of Ayatollah Khamenei, Islamic University of Science RazaviThe Khorasan seminary condemned the most important and fundamental issue in the field of human rights as the source of human rights and stated that human rights should clarify their duty to this.

He divided the human rights agenda into two secular divisions: “One side of human rights is the viewpoint of Islam, which has a monotheistic and divine view of all religions, and against these human rights there is a secular human right that These two perspectives in the structure and foundation of each other have deep and radical differences.

The director of the seminary of Khorasan said that the human rights perspective gives the society the identity, purpose, approach, movement, privilege and vision, said: Human rights, which is the religion’s point of view of Islam,Obviously, identity, purpose, approach, movement and vision will be based on monotheism, and also human rights based on secularism will be identity, purpose, approach, movement, and vision based on philanthropy.

Ayatollah Ameli added: “Satanic powers use the deception of secular human rights to achieve their goals and interests.”
In another part of his speech, he mentioned the four pillars of Islamic human rights, adding that “the first pillar in the universal Islamic human rights world is a monotheistic one, which means that God is equal to everything and the position of all human beings.”

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