The book of the American Nursing Documents is in the context of the educational system

Hojatoleslam and Muslims Dr. Mohammad Hassan Zamanzar, the first scientific meeting of “Human Rights of the Americans from the Supreme Leader’s point of view” that was held on Monday evening in Ayatullah Haeri Hall of the Seminary’s Department of Management, said: “If the Qur’an as the revelation of the model of your education system In the seminaries and universities, I will see hundreds of verses assigned to God’s antagonism.

He pointed to the history of US involvement in Iran and said that the first American presence in Iran began 170 years ago during the Amir Kabir, and 20 years later, the first center for the promotion of Christianity began in Nasir al-Din Shah.

A few years later, the US consulate began official colonialism, and from the years 1300 to 1305 a number of American advisers were present in Iran.

He pointed out that for about 15 years the American presence will become weaker, and will be called upon by the Government of Iran after the 1320 Allied attack on the United States, and from the United States during the Second World War, it will borrow $ 45 million, also in the coup of August 28 American official entry to rule in Iran overthrows Mossadegh’s government.

Hujjat al-Islam and the Muslim Brother once mentioned the purchase of oil and the help of the Iranian army to suppress adjacent countries from other pre-revolutionary US measures.

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