Hazrat Ayatollah Mohsen Heidari Al-Kathir Representative of the Sharī people of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership and Imam of the Holy Friday of Ahvaz

Ayatullah Mohsen Heidari Al-Kheitr, Representative of the People of Sharif of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership and Imam of the Provisional Awaz in the Fourth Specialized Human Rights Summit of the United States in the Viewpoint of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution: Human Rights is a US club for bombing the opposition.

Representative of the Khuzestan people in the Assembly of Experts, Leading the meeting, said: “The use of human rights instruments is an American human rights trait that the country uses as a club to smash its opponents.

Ayatollah Haidari Al-Katir said: Human rights in the United States have no implications, most notably the dualistic treatment of some countries and its people.

He added that including these dual behaviors can be seen in response to the crimes against humanity in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq, which killed thousands of children and people in these countries due to food and drug deficits The war is not seen and possibly hidden by the American puppet comrades.

Ayatollah Haidari al-Katerur added that instead of protecting the affected people of those countries, America supports usurious regimes such as Saudi Arabia for further killing.

The representative of the Khouzestan people in the Assembly of Experts, the leader said: “Thanks to US support for terrorism, only 17,000 people have been assassinated, all of which are sponsored by the United States, who have fought their war on the pretext of fighting terrorism in the Middle East These terrorist groups are supported.

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