Dr Khaled Ghaddoi, Representative of the Hamas Movement in Iran at the US-sponsored Human Rights Violation Conference in West Asia

Dr Khalid Ghaddoomi, representative of the Hamas movement in Iran, at the US-funded human rights violations conference in West Asia: “The return march” showed the gloomy face of Israel

Representative of the Hamas movement in Iran said: “The United States and the Zionist regime are blackmailing the world over the issue of the Holocaust.”

Khalid Qadumi, a representative of the Hamas movement in Iran, said at a meeting on “Human Rights Violations by the United States in West Asia”: The term human rights is used in conflicting interpretations in Western constituencies. It is said that an organization is calling for the protection of human rights. This sentence brings us back to the background of the term human rights. That is, it is the human being who has violated his rights.

He added that the first ones who violated human rights were non-Muslims who did not even live in the West Asian region, and even Christians living in the Islamic countries did not commit violations of human rights. Today, millions of victims of American crime and its heritage are in the region, while the crimes were transmitted to the region from outside our area.

Representative of the Hamas movement in Iran said: If we look at the second article of the human rights charter, this article refers to the free transfer of people and goods to different parts of the world. With the initial look at this issue, it seems as if this matter is simple, but when we look at Palestine, we realize that this law is not easy to implement.

Qodumi added: The subject of Palestine is not a matter for dispute between Hamas and the PA, but the issue is the people living in different parts of Palestine who want to travel freely to Islamic countries and not to the occupied territories and decide independently for themselves.

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