America is a symbol of human rights instrumentation.

Dr. Seyed Ehsan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Party of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Committee on Human Rights, and the representative of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Iran, in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a second international human rights conference organized by the Human Rights Youth Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Razavi Islamic University, The fraction said:The human rights fraction was formed at the beginning of the tenth parliamentary session, which is attended in the context of human rights segmental conferences and addresses various issues that opponents, advocates and activists in the field of human rights discuss their views.

Seyed Ehsan Ghazizadeh Hashemi stated: “The government of Tramp has come to work in a unilateral and nationalist system of the United States and does not support any multi-party model, such as the steps taken in a few months, such as the departure of the United Nations from the UN cultural cluster UNESCO and the withdrawal The United States has come up with a treaty, even the North Atlantic Treaty and the actions of the Group of Seven, which has no final endorsement, a model of unilateralism that only thinks in its own right.

He stated that the United States was a symbol of human rights instrumentation, saying: Of course, during the period of George W. Bush’s son, the departure of the United States was from the UN Human Rights Council, but was used as a tool in the Democrats.

The head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Human Rights Fraction said: “Unilateralism with American thinking and globalization is in the interest of American values, and if a country stands in opposition to these values as a result of polygonal operations against Iran; we must take this anti-humanity to America. Let’s take a look at the independence of our country.

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